You Name It, China Can Fake It

The Chinese city of Shenzhen used to be a river town, now it’s home to 13 million people and responsible for much of the electronic knock-offs you see around town. Here are some of the most obvious examples I spotted at CES.

Image: Wikipedia

Don't get me wrong, I love Chinese innovators, but these are just silly.

Unlike Apple, I love to see competition in the tablet space. And I don’t think every black square is an iPad rip off. However, this “media tablet” family was clearly inspired by Cupertino in the worst possible way.

  This is not inspired by the Dyson Air Multiplier. At all. Yup.

  iRobot Roomba vacuum, anyone? You’re mistaken. This is the Xrobot. See the difference?


Introducing iSports. Knock-off Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect “game systems” coming to a dodgy market near you...

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