Windows 8 Comes With Factory Reset Option

Windows 8 just keeps getting better and better. From the sexy UI to the intuitive password options, it looks as though Microsoft is really innovating with its upcoming OS. The latest revelation is that the software will finally include a factory reset option, letting you restore your computer to its default settings without having to manually format your hard drive and reinstall the whole OS from scratch.

You'll be able to do a thorough reset - which will slowly erase all your data comprehensively for extra security - or a quick erase, which will take you back to a clean machine, although doesn't securely erase the files and folders on the machine.

Additionally, there's going to be a new refresh option, which will just help you get rid of old programs or any malware you (or your parents) might have picked up along the way, without getting rid of all your personal settings.

I'm really looking forward to Microsoft setting a release date for this puppy.

[Building Windows 8 via Lifehacker]

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