Win! 10 Double Pass Tickets To OzTrek 7 This Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? Fancy meeting Chekov himself (Walter Koenig) or the beautiful Chase Masterson, who you may know as the Bajoran dabo girl from Deep Space 9? Gizmodo has five double passes for both Melbourne (Saturday) and Sydney (Sunday) to give away. And the winners are...


Sydney: Robert, Kell, Ric, William M, and Ben H Melbourne: IrishGuy, William,, Murph, Brad and Stuart We've already emailed you, but we'll say it again -- congratulations! We'd love for you to take some pics, share some thoughts with us.

OzTrek 7

Walter and Chase will be there live along with a few friends for people to talk to and ask all those questions you just have to have answered. Remember, Walter and Chase stared together in Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

Sydney: OzTrek 7 will be held on Sunday the 29th January 2012 at The Sebel Parramatta. Melbourne: Rydges Melbourne 186 Exhibition Street Melbourne, VIC

I went to Culture Shock's Stargate event in December and had a blast. If you don't win, tickets for Melbourne and Sydney are still available.

How They Won

If you’ve never seen it, you really should check out the @SeinfeldStories Twitter account. Each day people tweet a basic episode idea – some are hilarious, some are bizarre and others just bad.

Your challenge: Simply post in the comments below your brief episode/story idea for either The Original Series, Next Generation, DS9, Voyager or even Enterprise. Hell, give us a quick movie pitch if you like! Don't forget to sign off as being in from either Melbourne or Sydney.

The most intriguing synopsis (and it only need be a couple of lines) wins!

Entries close at 12:01pm AEST this Friday and will be announced not long after. Winners will get their names on the ticket pickup list at the event. See full terms and conditions.

Good luck guys!


    DS9: Sisko and Worf visit Betazed and are accosted by the Maquis who accuse them of planning to concede the planet to the Cardassians. Quark loses an important bottle of Irish whiskey that Chief O'Brien was hoping for.

      oh, oops, and I'm from Bresbane.

      Brisbane? So which city would you like to the 2 tix for if you won?

        Sydney! But it says in the second section "Don’t forget to sign off as being in from either Melbourne or Brisbane." so you might want to edit that. :)

    Hello, I'm from Melbourne.

    My idea is from Next Gen,The Enterprise uncovers one of Facebooks old data centers which contains some experimental and long forgotten research projects including storing a persons data when they die as a brain download.

    They later bring someone back to life (as such) via the holodeck only to find its Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in his later stages of life.

    Chekov? I think you mean Bester ;)

    DS9: Quark Convinces doctor bashir to create a euphoric drink by organising a romantic dinner for doctor bashir with a beautiful visitor to the station. Quark tricks odo into drinking the drink which causes him to no longer care about quarks questionable activites. Meanwhile commander cisco works with Dax to investigate a suspicious spacecraft which has come through the wormhole unmanned, after investigating they find the wormhole has taken the passengers in protest to the amount of traffic which is now going through the wormhole. Cisco and Dax mediate a resolution in a dream state. Quark finds getting away with what he wants boring and destroys the euphoric drinks, Doctor bashir enjoys a romantic dinner with the visitor, learning about the customs and hospitality of her home planet. - Sydney

    Why put the Melbourne date after Sydney and have the order backwards? Just seems odd

      The fact you took the time to comment on that seems odd.

    New spin off series - Starfleet Academy. Different guest lecturers from TNG, DS9 and Voyager each week.

    One week there is a field trip to Sydney so I can be an extra.

    Perhaps a bit long but I had fun writing it :-)

    Enterprise: The  crew encounter a civilisation that is desperately trying to forget their past and are groping for a new philosophy in order to keep the younger generations from leaving. Their economy is at a point of total collapse because the kids aren't spending their money at the local franchise anymore. Tripp & T'Pol strip down to their underwear to help revive interest. Reed & Mayweather try to spruce things up with a whizz-bang CGI show. Phlox does an outrageous burlesque comedy routine. Sato just looks sullen all the time and Archer is just a hugely ineffective influence. Alas the society collapses and the crew disappear and are soon forgotten. 


    Hi, I'm from Melbourne.

    DS9: Sisko and the crew of the Defiant are forced to team up with the Dominion after a Borg scout ship investigates the Bajoran wormhole. There are three problems: the first being that the Borg will just send another scout ship if the first is destroyed outright, the second is keeping Borg technology out of the already unstoppable Dominion's hands, and the third is the big question - which side is going to stab the other in the back first?

    TNG - A subspace duvalacky opens up and sends the Enterprise back in time to the year 2012 where they prevent the earth from being destoryed by an invading Mayan fleet.

      btw: Melbourne :)

    Howdy from Sydney,

    love to see a episode when they first discover the internet and how they incorporate it into there daily missions.

    (Abrams Crew) Trek Movie based on the TNG episode "The Chase". Its a great story which should have been a TNG movie. Basically The crew zips around the galaxy chasing Romulans, Klingons, Cardasians, Ferengi etc and collecting genetic samples from different worlds giving a clue to the next destination and when enough dna clues have been found we discover why All aliens seem to be Humanoid in appearance! I think main stream audiences would really appreciate this concept. If you haven't seen the episode Go and see it !

    Hi from Sydney!

    Voyager pitch (season two): The crew discover Neelix has contracted a terminal disease, that can only be treated by returning him to his home planet Talax - but it's two years in the wrong direction. With the crew taking sides - Janeway is faced with an impossible decision.

    Hello From Melbourne and happy Australia Day!

    Warship Voyager 2:
    After encountering a spacial anomaly, the Voyager ship and crew are transported to a mirror universe when they encounter the Warship Voyager.
    After a short battle the USS Voyager escapes and hides behind a nearby planet.
    They strategise and kit out their ship with a little help from the locals.
    A new weapon is installed and another encounter ensues in an epic battle of wits, explosions and casualties on both sides.
    Who will win? Who will die?


    TNG - whilst leading a field trip of younger academy cadets to a newly-discovered planet, Wesley Crusher finds himself and his charges stranded when the shuttle (piloted by Data) is unexpectedly attacked. With the radiation belts around the planet having the effect of disabling much of their vaunted Federation technology, can Wesley bring his charges through what is rapidly becoming a "Lord of the Flies" situation, save Data and avoid the unseen foe? Who (or what) will be sacrificed?


    Sydney and Melbourne? *feigns shock and surprise* OLD.

      You must be speaking Klingon, but because I've no frackin clue what you're on about.


    It is the one year anniversary of the truce signed between Federation and Borg. The Enterprise host a delegate of Borg 'diplomats' who escort the ship to the hidden location of the Borg homeworld. During a a tour through the Enterprise facilities, there is a holodeck malfunction (of course) and Picard is shown a strange vision - the Enterprise, consumed by the Borg and the crew in a state of hibernation.

    The truce is an illusion - a trick from the Borg to lower the resistance of of highly individualised species - by giving humanity what it really wants, the promise of peace. But Picard has a mysterious ally who is communicating through the holodeck and is using his own sense of individuality to undermine the Borg...


    First either DS9 novels revolving around Garak or Quark would make great shows (A stitch in Time and The 34th Rule).
    Captain Sisko returns from the Prophets to find Bajor at the point of civil war, he has to find a way to make peace between the various factions and who is behind them.

    DS9: Sisko and Bashir are on their way to Earth for a debriefing, when they are thrown into the future and see a fleet of Dominion and Borg ships, allied, heading the same way, Earth being the destination! The two come up with a plan, which may work, but will they ever return to the present?...

    William from Sydney

    Voyager: Voyager, arriving home, was just a dream from one of the crewmen. In reality, they are on there journey to reach the alpha quadrant. But what lies ahead of them is Borg space!
    There are two possabilities, collaborate with the borg
    fight there way through.


      I am From Sydney.

    TNG: The Enterprise returns to Earth and while there, Data finds records of Noonien Soongs daugher. Tracking her down, he discovers that she is making more advanced androids for the Romulans who are planning on using them as an army to defeat the Federation. Data must find a way to stop the androids and convince his "sister" to stop working for the enemy.

      Oops! I'm in Sydney! :D

    TOS : The Enterprise must turn back refugees fleeing the neutral zone. Kirk under direct command from Star Fleet must stop and repel the menagarie of terrified humans and aliens seeking refuge from Romulan massacres. McCoy siding with the refugees - abandons his post to heal the wounded aboard the refugee ship 'southern cross'. unbeknowenst to him this ship is a front for genetically modified Klingon terrorists who hope to start a war between the Romulans and federation. SYDNEY

    Voyager: 7 of 9 and Janeway transport to a planet to try and deal for some deuterium. Unfortunately due to a sub space flux, each has their consciousness swopped into the other. As the mission is critical for Voyager, they try to complete the negotiations without telling anyone.
    Being aware of each others thoughts and memories, and how they really feel about each other, makes for an interesting few days.
    I'll bet Chakotay's name will pop up!



    The Voyager crew find them selves in the Delta Quardant after being... wait a second that's been done. Hmmm

    Okay here's an idea. Star Treck Voyager: The Crew return... or do they?

    The story line would focus on tempral time travel (love those episodes)... there would be lots of chatter about the temperal prime directive. The Audience would get confused to the point of ranting on, but then final reveal would sets everything straight... causing most to say this is the greatest episode ever made.

    There would be of course the double reversal where we think for a while that Seven is really working for the Borg (yes still after all this time!) and a plot twist no one saw coming where Seven is acutally sacrificing herself for the good of humanity.

    And Finally... Chakotay dies because my girlfriend is in love with him.

    Howzat for a pich.. eh? eh? Seriously my GF and I love star treck voyager =)

    Hi from Melbourne - I'm the girlfriend of a serious Trekker, so he would adore this!

    Voyager: Janeway & Chakotay take a shuttle pod to follow a distress call within a wormhole. Folowing a collision during their journey, they end up meeting an SF vessel. Its crew: Chekov & Uhura, as young SFA students on an astrophysics research mission. Chekov attempts to help Janeway track the wormhole's path in order to get home, but she is distracted by the way Uhura is behaving around Chakotay... The unknown civilisation on a nearby planet appear to have post-warp technology and may be able to fix the damaged shuttle, but their population is punitively segregated according to gender. With time running out before the wormhole makes its final appearance, Janeway runs the risk of offending the only gender that can help them get home.

      Great entry but entered after closing time. Sorry Jess :(

        Thanks so much for choosing mine as a winner, then emailing me an hour later to cancel. Best. Day. Ever.

    Thanks so much for choosing mine as one of the winners. Cheers!

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