Will Australia Be Getting Google TV This Year?

CES is just a few days away, and it looks like the Vegas trade show is destined to be the second coming of Google TV. In a blog post this morning Google confirmed that Sony would begin selling Google TV televisions in several countries outside the US this year. Could Australia be one of them?

In the blog post, Google TV's Mickey Kim makes several key Google TV announcements, including a partnership with LG to release Google TV screens, a partnership with Marvell to provide the chipsets (instead of Intel), and new sets from Samsung and Vizio.

But by far the most interesting tidbit of information to us Aussie readers is the fact that Sony is getting set to launch Google TV sets outside the US this year:

Sony - We’re happy to build on our partnership with Sony. At CES, Sony will unveil new devices for the US and plans to offer Google TV powered products in several countries around the world in 2012.

There's no indication that Australia will be one of those countries, but the chances aren't as bad as they were a year ago. Online entertainment options - like those offered through Sony's Bravia Internet video service, Samsung and LG Smart TVs or the Xbox and PS3 games consoles shows that there is a growing market for internet video content. Google would have been working hard at gaining content licences for its inevitable launch in Australia, so even if it only has a few arrangements in place, the potential to launch is there.

We've contacted Sony to try and get confirmation, but it's unlikely they'll tell us anything until an official announcement is made, hopefully as soon as CES next week. Fingers crossed!

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    I would like to know something about this GoogleTV or AppleTV or whoever how they intend to market this in Australia (if it ever arrives). No doubt almost all of the licenses they get will be US based and most of those have restrictions on showing outside of the US and Europe. Australia doesn't have the same content as US or Europe with their hundreds of television stations. Australia only has about 15 channel at present.

      lets hope that the content is anything but Australian channels, cos most Oz content is rubbish.

      @Barry - Technically, yes there are around 15 free to view channels - but how much of on second tier channels (7Mate, 7Two, GEM, GO!, OneHD and 11) is unique Australian content? Not much.

      The problem is with offering a subscription service that offers TV content is that Australia is an awkward mix of local, US and (dramatically more-so on ABC) UK content. That means that there's a lot more local distributors to negotiate with.

      Movies have a decent chance, but I have a definitely feeling that the Australian TV environment probably isn't worth bothering about for the small amount of revenue it might generate.

      Yeah this will only be worth it if Australia gets good content, which is unlikely.

    I'd much rather they give us Google Voice...

    I'd rather an Xbox dashboard that can't play games built into a TV.

    Google Music please

      +1... my htpc will take care of content and will outlast my next two tvs

    Why do we need a dedicated TV? Shouldn't we be able to access it via a media player? Seems rather silly to buy a TV just for Google content!

      Sony actually sell a set-top-box style device in the US that is 'Google TV', so you won't need to upgrade your TV.


      Most people will have bought a fancy LCD/Plasma/LED TV in the last 3 or 4 years, so you won't have throngs of people pushing for an entirely new TV for it.

    they do have settop box''s for googletv.... (well last year they did)

    I hope not.

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