Wild Strandbeest Roaming Around Melbourne Next Month

If you like your art to be a self-sufficient wind-propelled monster that can survive storms and avoid obstacles, then you'll have to check out the upcoming Strandbeest exhibit happening in Melbourne next month.

The Strandbeests are the creation of Dutch artist Theo Jansen, who has created what can almost constitute a new form of life with his art. Made up of stiff plastic tubes and plastic bottles, the Strandbeest harnesses the power of the wind intelligently to move across the beach. It's also evolved sufficiently that it's intelligent enough to avoid the ocean and can dig in to the sand during a storm.

On display in The Atrium next month will be one of Jansen's artworks, a 12 metre long, four metre high and two metre wide colossus. It's an amazing piece of engineering as well as art, and will be worth checking out, especially given entry is free.

[via Desktop Mag]

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