Wikipedia Going Offline For SOPA Protest

Despite rumblings from Capitol Hill that the recently defanged SOPA legislation won't see the light of day, Wikipedia announced today that it is joining the Black Out protest scheduled for January 18.

Founder Jimmy Wales made the announcement via Twitter today. The English-language Wikipedia site will be unavailable for for 24 hours beginning midnight EST of January 18 (4pm AEDT). Instead of entries, users attempting to access the site will be redirected to a page with the "The Internet Must Remain Free" banner above.

Wikipedia is the latest in a growing number of websites and companies, including Minecraft, Reddit, Major League Gaming and the entire Cheezburger network, that have announced plans to suspend operations on Wednesday to raise public awareness about the SOPA and PIPA bills.

These protests, as well as vocal public opposition, may have already had an effect on the House's bill, at least. According to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, a hearing on the DNS blocking provisions has been postponed after being the Chairman was assured by SOPA's supporters that the bill would not be put up for vote until a broader consensus is reached.

In Chairman Issa stated today,

While I remain concerned about Senate action on the Protect IP Act, I am confident that flawed legislation will not be taken up by this House. Majority Leader Cantor has assured me that we will continue to work to address outstanding concerns and work to build consensus prior to any anti-piracy legislation coming before the House for a vote. The voice of the Internet community has been heard. Much more education for Members of Congress about the workings of the Internet is essential if anti-piracy legislation is to be workable and achieve broad appeal.

Chairman Issa went on to urge the House to instead adopt the competing OPEN act, which does not employ provisions that could undermine the Internet's neutrality or structure. The Senate's anti-piracy legistlation, the Protect IP Act, or PIPA, recently removed its DNS Blocking provisions but could still potentially go up for a vote within the next two weeks. [Tech Radar, TechCrunch, House Oversight Committee]



    Honestly, will this actually cause any issues? Seriously doubt it's worth doing. Now if Google did this!

    SOPA Won't Stop Internet Piracy. Great Service Will

    does the entire world really need to see this page based in US politics?? Why can't they just restrain it to the US?
    ..Not that I have a serious issue with not being to use wikipedia for 24 hours, but still!

      Exactly, this has nothing to do with Australia, or the UK or Europe, or you know, the rest of the entire fucking world, yet they feel the need to push their political agenda onto us. Where was Wikipedia when there was (and still is) talk about actually deliberately censoring Australia's Internet? Where was Reddit then? Or Boing-Boing? No-where, they couldn't care less about us people outside of their precious little country.

      I honestly hope this legislation passes, so all these websites get shut down. Then in their place we can start up new services that actually cater for the ENTIRE world, not just the USA.

        You do realize that what the yanks do and particularly in this case, will effect us. If they pass that stupid bill Australia will soon follow suit and you will lose your wanking rights right off the top. So don't go whining if it does pass and you can no longer find your favorite porn or movie downloads!

        Because of shit like this:

          Just goes to show how far Britain has bent over for the Yanks! Makes me wonder if Oz has a similar treaty, because if they do, we need to take our own action, like refusing to Bathe.... Oh wait!! Fuck I hate America!

        so google, facebook, amazon, ebay, reddit, lifehacker, gizmodo, Kotaku and many others can get taken down. I think you are missing how much of an effect this bill would have to the internet if this gets passed.

          Yes, Australia does have an extradition treaty with America.


      Damn man, relatively few companies are against SOPA and even less are actually taking action. Be grateful for some support.

    Yes, this will make an extremely big impact, and might get more media attention out there of how bad SOPA is, along with reddit.
    Thank you Wikipedia!

    when is the allure media network announcing that they're joining in?

    Is Gizmodo going to do it?

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