Find Your Favourite Funny People On Twitter

Yes, Twitter is a great way to follow developing news stories, organize revolutions, and hear about tech from your beloved Gizmodo writers, but sometimes you just need a laugh. Fortunately, the same people that make you laugh on TV are doing the same on Twitter every single day. Here's where to find them.

But how, oh how, to find these hilarious people? Lucky for all of us, our friends at Splitsider have just put together an insanely comprehensive list. It's the ultimate #FollowFriday for funny. The list is organised by TV show, which makes sense, as you probably know that you love Stefan on SNL, but probably didn't know that the guy responsible for those words is John Mulaney. It lists performers and writers from shows like Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, Community, Portlandia, It's Always Sunny and loads more.

Protip: before you start following people, create a Twitter List called Comedy, and add all of your new comedy follows there. Whenever I need a laugh, I just check that list and I'm all, "HahahaHAAAAA!" Check out the full list over at Splitsider. [Splitsider]

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