Waterproof Your iPhone With Liquipel Coating

How in the hell is this iPhone still working even though it's constantly being drenched in water? Liquipel. It's a magical invisible coating that's applied to your phone (or any electronic device) that makes both the exterior and interior components waterproof. Uhh... this is AWESOME.

All you have to do is pay Liquipel $US60, and they will take your phone and put on their coating. Liquipel says the coating doesn't change the feel of your device at all and that you only need to apply it once. Though no iPhones coated with Liquipel were being dunked in a tub of water at CES, Liquipel demoed a tissue that had been treated with the magic coating and it somehow survived the pool of water without ever getting wet. Like, it was completely dry! Drops of water just stayed on the tissue and slipped right off! It's so crazy it looks like the devil's work. And I want it on my phone right now. [Liquipel]

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