Watch Xzibit Pimp Monster’s Game T1 Headset

Watch Xzibit Pimp Monster’s Game T1 Headset

Monster’s Tron prototype cans from CES last year will finally hit stores in February in the form of the Game T1 gaming headset. Gizmodo Australia had a chat with rapper, Xzibit, who explained helpfully filled us in on what we can expect to hit Australia.

Last year’s prototype is now the Monster Game T1, and launches globally in February. Compatible with all platforms (X360, PS3, and PC), the tron-esque design is still there (the headset was a collaboration with Disney) and will arrive in two styles (Black-$299USD, and white “Daft Punk” – US$350).

Also new, the Monster Surround Sound Amplifier with Headphone Optimizer (a.k.a the US$150 ‘Game Box’), enables the T1 produce simulated ‘panoramic’ surround sound. The visual design is as loud as the bass it produces. The headset also contains the new drivers that will be included in the next Dr. Dre Beats. according to Xzibit. The new T line of personal gaming audio from Monster also includes the in-ear T3 earbuds. Other highlights:

-Noise Cancellation provided via “Monster’s new advanced noise isolation earcup design” (Active noise cancellation was not confirmed or denied)

-Lighting of the headset is fuelled by a AAA battery.

-Very little information was disclosed regarding the technical specifactions of the T line (no quantitative specs on driver size, range etc.)