Watch Where A Year Of Photos Were Taken Around The World

I don't know about you, but I love watching these sparkly visualisations that show what the entire world is doing. This one, made by Triposo, uses timestamps and GPS location of photographs and plots them out to show you where and when people were snapping snappys. Watch the world light up on January 1.

It's cool to see how certain days brighten up different parts of the world because of regional holidays, traditions and celebrations. Obviously, more developed parts of the world like the US and Europe are pretty much bright all year long but it blows up on the bigger celebrations like July 4 (for the US) and May 1 (for Europe).

The video goes by a little quick so it's better to look at each day as an individual picture:

January 1. The whole world is celebratin'

May 1 is May Day around the world.

November 30 is random! Triposo speculates it might be a default camera setting (or maybe it's everyone using their cameras after Black Friday!)

[Triposo via PetaPixel

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