Warner Bros Looking To Delay DVD Rentals To 56 Days

If you're a chronic DVD (or Blu-ray) renter, you'll be less than impressed by today's news that Warner Bros is looking to extend the delay between DVD sales and rentals from 28 days to 56. This could be the end of DVD rentals as we know it.

Although Warner is yet to make an official announcement, The Associated Press is reporting that the entertainment company is looking to make its official announcement at CES this week.

The move is largely to counter dropping profits in the the US from the likes of Netflix and Redbox. It's not immediately clear how it will influence Australian companies like Quickflix, but it's certainly not going to benefit the consumer.

AP expects other DVD companies to follow suit, which could very well end DVD rentals altogether. Do you think it will come to that?

[via Brisbane Times]

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