US President Barack Obama To Hang Out On Google+ Next Week

Well, we said it was going to happen, but we didn't think it would be so soon. Less than two weeks after the White House joined Google+, President Obama will go live in a Google+ Hangout to answer your questions.

In the Hangout, President Obama will discuss the finer points of his State of the Union speech (which is happening tomorrow, y'all). It's part of the White House's "enhanced broadcast" of the State of the Union, where all week White House officials will be taking your questions and trying to engage people online. The President will take to the Interwaves on Monday, January 30.

Obviously, not everyone gets to hang with El Presidente, but here's how you get your chance:

Between now and January 28, go to the White House's YouTube page and upload a video with your question for the President. Popular questions will not only get aired and responded to, but the people whose questions are selected will get to join the Hangout and chat with the Commander-in-Chief in real time. You can follow the White House's Google+ page here. [White House]

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