US Congress Crawling Out Of The Woodwork To Oppose SOPA

See? Congress does listen to the will of the people on occasion -- especially when that will is wielded as a blunt instrument. As this infographic from ProPublica illustrates, yesterday's blackout protests not only culled the official SOPA supporters by 15 congressmen, it actually added 70 opponents.

In all, official supporters for the House's anti-piracy bill dropped from 80 members to 65 over Wednesday night, while the bill's opponents swelled from just 30 members to 101 with another 41 polling as "leaning no". Granted the "leaning no" crowd hasn't ruled out voting for an amended version of the bill at a later date, doubling opposition to the bill overnight is a promising start. It's amazing what 24 hours without Wikipedia will do. [Propublica]

And here is a larger size of the image:


    Amazing, but the recent Megaupload fiasco just shows that the authorities has powers that transcend the Congress and may eventually even supercede SOPA or any bill.

      MegaUpload never linked to pirated material on their own site, but apparently they paid 3rd parties to, as well as paid uploaders of popular (ie. pirated) content - so that's what they've been nabbed for. But they've been arrested & shut down *without* SOPA / PIPA in place, so it shows that these bills aren't needed! Of course, this will surely end online piracy forever :P

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