Turn Your Galaxy Nexus Into A Hunchback With A 3800mAh Battery

Not too long ago, Samsung launched a bigger battery for the Galaxy Nexus, bumping its capacity to 2100mAh. But why stop there? This hulking great 3800mAh beast might even see your handset last two full days.

There are no firm numbers on how long Seidio's giant battery case will keep your phone going, although it's definitely far longer than the original.

The only problem is that batteries with this kind of capacity are large. So large, in fact, that it turns your phone into some kind technological hunchback. Don't just take my word for it, either: check out the picture below. It also writes off your ability to use NFC, which you may, or may not, care about.

But apart from the fact that it is (a) incredibly ugly, (b) doesn't do NFC and (c) will make people wonder what the bulge in your trousers is, it's a great idea. If you're happy with those three problems, it costs $US69.99. [Seidio via Droid Life vis Ubergizmo]



    I don't think NFC is much of an issue. While the phone can, there is nothing yet to recieve.

      Sure, but this is an American article - they have Google Wallet up and running.

      It's a nice idea, but I think they may have taken it a little TOO far. I for one would happily sacrifice size and weight to get a longer battery life, but probably not to that extreme. I think something around the 2800-3000mAh capacity would be more realistic, without it adding quite as much extra space and weight.

    If its practical and gives you more time between charges, its a win. Who cares about ugly from the back? And no one in Australia will care about NFC for the foreseeable future as we dont know any companies/retailers that are actively using NFC technology Australia wide. Personally I'd say that 2100mah is enough as long as it doesnt make the phone overly heavy and uncomfortable in the pocket, whereas this 3800mah battery looks like it will.

    If I'm going to have the extra space taken up in a pocket, I'd rather have a rechargeable battery with a micro-USB plug that can keep the original battery topped up.

    What thickness does it take the phone to?
    I bought a 2800mAh battery for my HTC Desire over a year ago, and haven't regretted it. Yes my phone is chunkier and looks like a boat, but it lasts about 2 full days of moderate use. Before the extended battery my phone was just under 10mm thick, now it's about 17mm.

    Phone designers - I know slim is in and sexy right now, but instead of making the whole phone slimmer please thin out the phone bit and make the battery bigger! 10 - 13mm is thin enough I reckon...

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