Tomaggo Snaps One-Click 360-Degree Photos

It's hard enough to convince consumers to buy a standalone camera when their smartphones are already capable of filling that roll. So while Tamaggo's new "imager" makes creating 360-degree panoramic photos a dead-easy, one-button process, I'm not sure if anyone really needs a dedicated device for this.

The Tamaggo is pitched as an alternative to those panoramic lens accessories that can add bulk to your smartphone. But the beauty of those solutions is that you only have to use it when you need to. Or, to be more specific, you only have to have it attached to your smartphone until the novelty wears off in a couple of days.

As cameras go, the Tamaggo packs a 14MP sensor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a USB port for offloading shots, and a touchscreen LCD on the bottom for adjusting settings and previewing your photos. And while the company wasn't showing a functional prototype, a flip-down tripod automatically starts a 10-second timer so you can get in or out of frame if you want.

It can't record video, though, which is yet another advantage to going the smartphone/lens adaptor route. So I'm afraid my unitasker alarm is going off here, for a product that just barely does the only thing it was designed to do.

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