Tiny Snails Look Like Cute Little Boogers

Unlike the world's biggest bugs, these Partula snails are so small they look like little ants wearing a Halloween snail costume. And even though I usually hate bugs, when you miniaturize them, they look kind of cute!

The sad thing is, the Partula snail is pretty much extinct. The Marwell Wildlife Park in Hampshire, UK, is trying to resuscitate the cute bug by breeding them and re-introducing them into the wild. Previously, the snails only existed on islands in the Pacific Ocean and became critically endangered due to habitat loss. Marwell has bred up more than 800 little snails and will closely monitor their future little lives.

The Partula snail can grow up to 2.5cm long and live for around 10 years. Currently, there are 79 species in the genus Partula, but 50 of those species are extinct. I want to take one on as a pet. [Zooborns via Buzzfeed]

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