This Power Cord's Bulge Is A Bluetooth Kill Switch

There were a handful of new home automation solutions at CES this year, including Belkin's WeMo, which was designed to be easy to install and use. But it's still nowhere near as simple as ZMote's new Bluetooth Smart Cord.

It's nothing but a 1m extension cord with a bulge that hides a Bluetooth-controlled power switch. So you just stick it between any device you want to remotely power and the wall outlet, download the super simple iOS app, and you'll have unlimited power over your devices. As long as your definition of unlimited doesn't extend past a 9m range.

If you aren't using an iOS device, the $US40 cable can also easily be controlled by just playing a simple audio file. Which makes it compatible with pretty much any A2DP Bluetooth device when it becomes available later this month. [ZMote via TUAW]

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