This New Steve Jobs Action Figure Is So Good It's Freaky

This is not the first Steve Jobs, but it's definitely the most realistic. So realistic that it actually freaks me out. It's 12 inches high (scale 1:6) and comes on full Apple CEO regalia, from the New Balance to the Levi's.

If you are a freaky fanboy, you can get it for $US100 before the Jobs family send a cease and desist letter to the manufacturers, just like they did with the last one. It also has complements, although not as good as Obama's action figure.

I'm not buying this creepy mini-Jobs. But if someone plans to release a full 1:1 scale Phil Schiller teddy bear, I'm game. [Inicons via CourierMail]

This thing can move. Here are two famous images. The iPhone doesn't come with the feature, however.

Another two classic poses.

New Balance, Levi's jeans, different hands and a keynote background. I'm sure many fanboys will not use this one, choosing to reenact full product presentations against a backdrop made of an actual Keynote presentation with all the original images, text and effects.

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