This New Press Pot Could Solve All Your First World Coffee Brewing Problems

A new press pot design that recently surpassed its $US15,000 Kickstarter funding goal by $US2K could solve all our gritty, muddy, dirty, French press problems.

The Espro press works mechanically similarly to the classic French press, but incorporates a new-fangled filter that according to its inventors provides the clarity of a paper filter, but doesn't block aeromatic oils like a paper filter does.

While I personally don't mind a slightly gritty cup, those particles can apparently hide the flavour, according to Espro co-inventor Bruce Constantine. And some people dislike the French press for its sediment residue among other things. The new device packs two filters: one that's 5 to 10 times finer than that of a typical French press, then a second even finer micro-filter. It's also made of double-walled stainless steel and has vacuum insulation to keep the brew temp hot and constant.

Constantine and his partner have already released a single serving pot, which they say is selling well. You can pre-order the larger 4-cup version by pledging $US85 here. Me, I'm sticking with my pretty, if gritty, French press for now.




    Don't bother! - just use an AeroPress, much much better, producing the same quality coffee as a $3,000 espresso machine:

    And check out how to use it properly (some great videos here!):

    This one in particular:

    I've enjoyed AeorPress coffee for over a year now and I'm particularly obsessive about my coffee...

      Australian site:

      I can attest to this. Aeropresses are great (and the paper filters can be used at least twice if you rinse them).

    Aeropress all the way, get out a Coava Metal filter if you want the oils to not get stuck in the paper filter. The link provided in the first post is excellent.
    Also checkout the inverted aeropress method.

    You can get a pretty sweet deal on both from a great aussie retailer.

    PS: I do not get paid any commissions by coffee gear. I just think they have some cool stuff at great prices.

    Wimps! Just put a couple of teaspoons of finely ground coffee ("turkish") into a cup, add boiling water, wait until it settles and drink. The mud in the bottom of cup is easy to avoid.

    Sure, aeropress and the like is fine - but no substitute for a proper espresso machine. You will not get crema from an filter coffee no matter how good.

    Better advice would be to use the right machine technique for the appropriate style of coffee...

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