This Is An Electric Scooter?

Boxx is a bizarre little creation. Combining an electric scooter with a very modern design, Boxx looks like hard drive on wheels. But with the ability to travel 130km at speeds up to 56kph, this thing is no child's toy, either.

According to its creators, the $US4000 electric bike takes up less space than a standard bike, weighs 54kg, and can support someone weighing up to 136kg. It also has traction control, anti-lock brakes, drive-by-wire control, a LED headlamp and a heated seat. Is it me, or does this seem like a match made in heaven for Mario Batali? [Boxx via Technabob]


    Who's Mario Batali...?

      Iron chef US, does Italian. Had a great meal at his restaurant in Vegas. He's a heavy guy.

    it would be useful for small trips throughout the suburb but i can't see this becoming a big thing.

    Some say that when a design aims for pure function, it also reaches pure form. Whoever designed this does not subscribe to that particular philosophy.

    Great for (individuals / idiots!) like myself who have lost their licence and live near major mountains!!!

      Not if you live in Oz, totally illegal as the max is 200w, and going off performance this would be well and truly over 2000w.
      And it won't pas DOT approval so can't be registered either.

    Didn't we have this article yesterday?

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