This F*cking Guy (Insert Coins)

A man Chris Laporte beat me at Street Fighter five times in a row. The stakes were that if he won, I would write a post about him. I might have been a little (a lot) drunk when I entered into this agreement — especially because I don't really think there was a prize in it for me if I won — but a deal's a deal.

Chris, your Fei Long is very strong, but you are a little cheap with the low kicks.

Chris owns a bar called Insert Coin(s) in downtown Vegas where you can play video games while enjoying bottle service and good music. When I was there De La Soul was playing. Yep, seriously. It was an awesome evening, and I'm glad it's the bet I will most remember losing during this trip to Vegas. Nice to meet you Chris.

If you're in Vegas, you should check out his place.

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