This Beautiful Hand Mixer Sadly Doesn't Actually Exist

It is a crime against humanity, for at least those who cook, that Meike Harde's beautiful Quix handheld mixer only exists as a concept prototype. Because it somehow improves upon every one I've ever used with a design that's actually simpler.

Instead of exposed buttons that can let food in, a sealed silicone membrane located on the underside of the handle senses how hard you're squeezing it, adjusting the speed of the mixing blades accordingly. The air vents for the motor are also subtly hidden, so as not to interrupt the mixer's smooth finish, while the retractable power cord attaches with a ball joint that allows for ample flexibility.

Even the 90-degree angle of the Quix mixer's handle is deliberate, letting it hang on the edge of a mixing bowl when not in use, so the ingredients can drip off the blades and back into the bowl. Obviously the only thing Meike didn't think of was how to make it a reality. Help us Williams-Sonoma, you're our only hope. [Meike Harde via designboom]

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