They Wouldn't Let Me Sit On Their iPod Dock, So I Danced With Their Booth Babes

When you encounter something as absurd as an iPod dock the size of a pony, what else is there to do but climb on it? Sadly, the fellows at Behringer's CES booth said no. So I danced, danced, danced.

The Behringer Attractive Paid Booth Attendants looked a little maudlin. They were standing next to this stupid-large megaspeaker, and it was silent. I asked if I could climb on it, and one of their marketing guys gave me a pained no, and I tried to sort of boost myself up on it but it was too big, and I didn't want to be yelled at in public. So I just put my iPhone on and tried to shake out the end of CES blues. Energy flowed out of that boulder speaker and into our hearts and crotches. What a speaker. I was sort of expecting it to be louder given its size, but they were probably holding back on the volume out of fear for the structural integrity of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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