The Weirdest Tablets From CES

The Weirdest Tablets From CES

You’ve seen the best of CES, including those great upcoming Android tablets from Vizio and Asus. Now let’s take a look at some of the stranger things we saw, including some prototypes.

Toshiba 13.3-inch Prototype

Toshiba’s Excite X10 may be the thinnest 10.1-inch tablet so far, but this 13.3-incher is also the largest tablet I’ve seen. Seriously, tablets at this size are bordering on the ridiculous. But that’s just me, you may feel differently. [imgclear]

Sony Vaio Slider Prototype

Looking almost identical to both Intel’s new sliding tablet reference design (which itself is directly inspired by the Asus Eee Pad Slider), Sony’s prototype definitely gets high marks in the looks department. Word is that unlike the Android-powered Asus, it may end up running windows 8. [imgclear]

Qooq Tablet

Using a tablet in the kitchen can be handy, so much so that I already do that with my iPad. So do we really need a specialised, Linux-powered tablet that’s pretty much solely focused on displaying recipes? I’m not sold, even if it is cute and splashproof. My $US399 will be spent elsewhere. More » [imgclear]

Tellybear Tablet

The Tellybear is an Android-powered tablet aimed at kids. It does a decent job of running interactive books and Angry Birds, and well, looking cute. Coming to a SkyMall catalogue near you. [imgclear]

Gadmei T863 Android 4.0 3D Tablet

This 8-inch (1280×768) tablet runs Android 4.0, has a five-point capacitive multitouch panel and runs a 1GHz A9 CPU paired with 1GB memory. Sounds pretty great for $US160, right? (At least that’s what they told me). It’s the sort of tablet you’ll only see sold or shipped from China, but it definitely got my attention at the show. I’ll even forgive the crummy 8GB storage and gimmicky/disorienting glasses-free 3D display. Funny thing is, Asus says its 7-inch, Tegra 3 Memo tablet could also go the 3D route. Not sure how I feel about that.