The SlatGrill Is A Rearrangeable Range For Camping Bush Gourmets

Since dangling pots and pans over a campfire at arms length is generally inadvisable and supporting your griddle with large rocks is downright barbaric, you'll need something else to suspend your cookware over the open flames. This ingenious modular grill should do nicely.

The SlatGrill is built from anodized aluminium and stainless steel and assembles quickly — just slide the four sides into one another, lay the cross-slats, and boom — instant kickstand for your kettle. The cross-slats can be repositioned to accommodate pots, griddles, the odd kebab skewer, and can even be used to cook food directly. It's compatible with any fuel source — gas, wood, charcoal, or badly-written poetry — and its arched sides are designed to simultaneously block the wind without suffocating the fire. The SlatGrill is available now and retails for $US110 at [UnCrate]

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