The Simpsons Already Making Fun Of Steve Jobs

You probably missed this among the CES news: the Simpsons made fun of Steve Jobs on this week's episode, titled Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson. As Homer is being interviewed on TV, "Steve Jobs unveils iGhost" crawls across the news ticker.

In the episode, Homer becomes a Glenn Beck type after Bart uploads a video of him having an Alec Baldwin-ish aeroplane meltdown moment. At one point, he gets interviewed in a Fox News program. At that point, the news ticker runs several funny fake headlines, like "Europe puts Greece on eBay", "Congress postpones end of the world to 2013", "Satan tweets support for Santorum" and the aforementioned "Steve Jobs unveils iGhost".

The episode is actually quite funny (surprise!) but is it too early to make fun of Jobs? Tell us what you think in the comments. [BuzzFeed via Mediaite via Death and Taxes]


    Too soon

      Too Soon? Give me a break!

      Your one of those "lets drag out the holocaust every once in a while just cause im a guilt trip, pimp'n nigga"

      What? Mummy leave you on the tit for too long, grow some testicles.

      People just cant help but be offended. It makes me sick.

      No one cares that your offended! In fact. People love it! They think that when you display signs of offence.. that it is hilarious!

      They lap it up. its teh pathetic.. and there ain’t no room for it!

        Lol you got baited so hard. That's ok. Merry Christmas. The joke isn't even that funny anyway is it.

          trust, its more funny when you say it

        Not sure if genuinely mad or just Apple Fanboy....

          Wrong side, he'd be an Android fanboy if you were going for that angle. I guess you hate Apple?

        Wow, kinda sounds like you were taken off the tit too early.

        I'm surprised it wasnt family guy who went for this first. It was gonna happen. That's no reason to go steroid hulk "lets make fun of the holocaust" on a one word comment. Calm the fuck down dude and let someone have an opinion.

        I found this funny because I bet the iGhost has reception issues. "Can you see me now?"...

          Carmykal has a point. I too am tired of people claiming it's '' too soon'' It's always going to be too soon in all honesty, so just calm down and see the humour in it, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously; that's what humour is, lol.

      That's the thing with jokes about recently dead people, if you wait until it's not 'too soon', it becomes 'too late'

    Its fine and funny. Move on. Nothing to see here.

    The Simpsons suck and should of finished years ago when it was still hilarious but instead they got greedy and ruined their legacy.

      What!?! The Simpsons is still funny and relevant after all this time. Sometimes funnier. Legendary show.

    There was also a part in the latest episode, in the first scene, where homer says "FINALLY, the only thing I wait in line this long for are slightly better cell phones" (I assume this is referring to iPhone 4s. lol

    It was fine.

    If it was any other famous person, they wouldn't have waited this long

    That's kind of tasteless. I'm sure his family aren't laughing.

    Really? A lighthearted joke about him being a ghost now that he's dead and you're offended?

    I hope you never hear the one about the Donkey, the stripper, the eight inch salami, the Vicar and the unfortunate smelting incident then*!

    * = This joke does not exist. My point: WAY WORSE than an idle tongue in cheek nod to the guy.

    Keeping it classy hey? Guess this is what desperate ratings failure has beens resort to.

      Yeah...Simpsons are still rating just fine.

    Not too soon, not offensive, but also not very funny.

      Agreed. The Simpsons stopped being funny years ago.

    Earlier in the episode, Homer says, “The only thing I wait in lines this long for are slightly better cellphones.” - iPhone 4s

    If you're going to poke fun at someone's death, the joke better be pretty damn funny. This just reflects what everyone has known for a long while, The Simpsons stopped being funny a long time ago (around the time Phil Hartman was murdered imo).

    Nothing compared to Engadget's comments section on any article related or unrelated to Apple.

    hehe, i saw that wen watching the epsiode i thought it was funny, and this too soon crap is dumb

    Wow. I am offended. I am offended that the joke was not better than that. Would have been better to get SJ to walk in a room, go 'I used to be Steve Jobs. Now, I am Steave Jobless.* then have him keel over on the floor, turn in to a goughs, and go 'NOW INTRODUECING THE iGOUHST!

      You've proven that it's possible to make the joke even worse.

      Ghost, it's spelt ghost. As it is in the article.

        That would have been pretty funny Jagjii but more suited to Family Guy.

          It is more suited to family guy, precisely because it isin't funny.

    who's steve jobs?

      Who are the Simpsons?

      Who are the Simpsons?

        Huh, I only clicked submit once. I don't know why it posted again.

          You could've used that time to find out who the Simpson's are ;)

    Hang on wouldn't Symantec be pissed at the name. I mean they own Norton Ghost.

    But anyway how long would it take to make a Simpsons episode ? 4 months?

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    Many years ago, the Doug Anthony All Stars lamented the increasing political correctness imposed on jokes. As they said "When Challenger blew up, we had a dozen good jokes before the debris hit the water".

    It seems things haven't improved.

    Comedy: it's just tragedy plus time.

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