The Secret Spy Toys Of The KGB

Ever since watching James Bond as a child, we've all dreamt about spy toys. Secret cameras, hidden guns, that kind of thing. Well here's the real deal, straight out of the KGB vaults.

Pictured above, for instance, is a tiny film camera, concealed in a coat button, courtesy of English Russia. The hand held device let KGB agents photograph, well, whatever they damn well pleased. Most important, though, it let them do it while being cool. Yeah, yeah: and discrete, too.

Sure, we've shown you the kinds of toys that CIA agents get to play with with before. But there's something about this KGB kit that feels right. By which I mean, I could imagine a Russian foe of James Bond using them: it's gritty, utilitarian and looks like it really works. Here are some more of our favourites.

A miniature gun hidden on the inside of a glove.

A 4.5mm gun hidden inside a lipstick.

A small camera hidden inside a pen.

A coin with a hidden recess on the inside.

An electronic listening system hidden inside a log.

You can see the full set of pictures, including cyanide guns and concealed AK-47s, by heading over to English Russia. It's well worth it. [English Russia]

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