The Price Is Right For Tenqa's Bluetooth 'Phones

I haven't had a chance to test Tenqa's new REMXD Bluetooth headphones, so I have no idea what they sound like. But at just $US40 they're some of the cheapest wireless headphones you can buy, and might be worth a try.

They of course support an A2DP connection to a Bluetooth capable audio device, and promise up to 15 hours of listening time on a single charge, facilitated by a mini-USB port. A built-in mic also means you can make and take calls when using it with a smartphone, while a stereo mini jack allows you to plug in a headphone cable so the REMXD can still be used when the battery is dead.

The feature set is, not surprisingly, pretty basic, as is the choice of colours — black or white — but even if they only sound 'just OK' they seem like a real bargain when they go on sale next month. [Tenqa via Android Community]

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