The Modern Lantern Brightens Rooms Without Hogging Powerpoints

Rearranging your furniture is easy enough but your lighting tends to stay where its been since you moved in — limited by the location of available outlets. Or it was limited at least, until the folks at Modern Lantern designed a table lamp that doesn't need them.

The Modern Lantern is powered by a Li-Ion battery seated in the lamp base. The battery is rated for 12 hours of continuous use and recharges in 2.5 hours using a separate charging station. The lamp employs an LED bulb and is available in six styles ranging from $US240-320. It weighs only about six pounds in total and is obviously portable meaning it can double as a very awkward flashlight as well. They could actually be really useful for home stagers — people who decorate houses that are for sale — who are constantly moving furniture from house to house. [Modern Lantern via Apartment Therapy]

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