The Biggest Compact Flash Card Ever Made

Most of the world has moved on to svelte SD storage, but many photog pros still swear by the speed and durability of Compact Flash. If you're one of them, smile: Lexar just dropped a 256GB bomb.

The cards, with a claimed minimum transfer speed of 60MB/s, will probably be very expensive: the 128GB version of the Professional 400x will cost you $US470, and Lexar's not saying anything about the 256GB's price tag. Whatever it costs (likely a grand-ish), look for it sometime in the first half of this year. Lots and lots and lots of 1080p video. [Lexar]


    I dont see the point. If you put all your eggs in one basket...

      Totally agree, I still use multiple 4GB SDHC cards for my DSLR rather than 16GB etc. The last thing I want to do is loose hundreds of sentimentally important photos only to find out that I've either lost the camera or card, or the card has become corrupted. 4GB fits more than enough for me, even when I've got trigger happy.

    There are 256 cards all over eBay. Is this really the first? Seems more like free media for Lexar.

      Dude i've taken a quick browse around ebay and have found that the highest storage compact flash drive they have available is a 64GB and that all these so called 256's are actually only 256MB. Do some proper research before you spout your drivel.

    Used to think Lexar was top of the line, then my 32GB 400x failed me and I had to send it back. 256GB certainly lightens the load for a busy photo (week?), but what if this one fails? I thought all Compact Flash was (temporary). How much is this thing?

    Don't forget many dSLRs have HD video capability these days, which is where this card is probably marketed at. Not sure what you mean by CF being "temporary" though.

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