The Best Booth At CES

Samsung doesn't build a booth at CES. They build a small town. A small town with knowledgeable citizens and a beautiful Main Street. Really, the kind of place you want to take your family to for the summer. And they do it Every. Single. Year.

Samsung might have had the biggest booth. I'm not really sure. I didn't walk the show floor with a measuring tape and clipboard. Anyone with a big enough wallet can snatch up a huge parcel of show floor and call it a booth. But Samsung's was the only one to make you feel like you were in a Disney Tomorrowland funhouse stuffed with the toys of the future that you can play with today. Really, that's the only way I can describe it. It's a shrine to consumerism and technology and one really, really, really beautiful TV.

Products were manned by knowledgeable staff. Some gadgets were placed in tiny scenes to give visitors a sense of how their real-world applications. And they had that awesome giant tree of screens. That was just cool. It all just seem to work and it made me wish I could spend my next vacation there. [Samsung]

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