Telstra's First 4G Phone Is The HTC Velocity

Well, this is a nice way to spend Wednesday morning. A friendly tipster has sent us the marketing materials for Telstra's first 4G handset. Let's take a closer look.

Named the HTC Velocity 4G, the handset has a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 4.5-inch qHD screen (960x540), 8MP camera with 1080p recording at 60fps, 16GB on-board storage with a microSD card slot for an extra 32GB, removable 1620mAh lithium-ion battery.

That all sounds pretty sweet. The catch — and there's always a catch — is that it's only running Gingerbread, and there's no indication of how far away an ICS update might be.

Obviously there's no pricing information on offer yet either — or a release date for that matter — but if the marketing materials are ready, then those details can't be too far away. UPDATE: Asher Moses over at the SMH is reporting a launch later this month.

So... Who's getting one?



    that and the 4g galaxy s2 will be out within 6 weeks

    Y'know if Sony diddle around and not release the new Xperia's this could be a decent upgrade to my Desire S

    It's due for release on the 24th for $0 on the $79 Freedom Connect plan.

    It'll depends on a lot more than just the phone specs. I think once the plans come along that's when we'll see some light as the their value.

    Looks like the Vivid?

    I really want one! Legendary, how do you know it is coming out on the 24th?

    Prefer not to say, but it is the same reason I posted the name of the phone last week when Giz first announced a 4G Telstra phone.

      Legen Dary- Im hoping telstra does release 4g in january. I bought a vivid from the states but realised it uses different radio spectrum for LTE (700mhz as opposed to 1800mhz)

    This is the phone, though interestingly it only says a 1.2 ghz processor

    Let's wait for Nokia's Lumia 900 to hit Telstra then we'll see.


        +2, it has the right LTE bands, however I'm getting tired of no gen2 WP7 devices being announced, and Aus being left off Nokia's roadmap site.

      + 3

        +4 for Lumia 900 LTE with 1800Mhz and 700Mhz (for the future)

    Whirlpool says the HTC Velocity will be the renamed version of the HTC Vivid.

    Why release a new android phone without ICS? I want be buying another HTC until they have a 2 year warranty or a warranty that covers the life of the contract.

      Get your wallet ready then, because Telstra already provides a 2 yr warranty on phones (except the iphone). Have done for months.

        I thought all carriers were required to provide a warranty that lasted the length of the contract unless it was an iPhone?

        And why are iPhones exempt from this restriction anyway?

    So keen, since that Australia has the fastest wireless network in the world.

      Not really. South Korea has had the best network speeds both up and down for some time. They don't throttle speeds like they do here. Telstra might say their networks are are such and such, but I'd like to see the actual speeds.

      And there are several countries in Europe that have had 4G for months (if not years) and some of them could be considered 3rd world countries as their average wages are less than $400AU a month yet they still manage to get far superior internet and mobile networks than the rich Australia

        These countries are roughly the same size as Australia I assume?

          absolute rubbish. Which supposed countries are these?

          There is no deliberate "throttling of speed" on any Australian mobile network I know of.

            From VERY reliable source, HTC Velocity 4G throttled down to 42mb/sec on TELSTRA network.

            Typical speeds 30-40 mb/sec

    I am hanging out and waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note - with ICS! Please hurry up Telstra!

    qHD = fail
    design/looks = fail
    battery size for an LTE phone = fail

    will keep waiting..

    No Nokia 900 = no new contract with Telstra.

      I must agree. After two years with iOS, and two years with Android, I think it's time for some WP love. The Titan 2 sounds incredible, but there's no better looking phone on the market (or soon to be), than the Lumia 800/900

    If this is the actual HTC marketing poster, please tell them to fix their American spelling. Favorite? Puh-lease.

    Model not confirmed, but looks like a HTC 4G is definitely coming soon:

    You don't know what your talking about by claiming Europe has had 4g networks for one or more years. South Korea also doesn't have unlimited data/mobile plans even if provider's state it on a plan they will be constrained hy the limitations of current mobile network capacity. I can sell you a corolla and tell you its got an unlimited speed plan:) perhaps people that don't understand just how impressive this 4g deployment is should do some research or keep posting amusingly daft statements.

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 is also LTE specked. Check it out on the link.

    Nokia Lumia 900...........when will we get it?

    Goddamit. Add a Lumia for me too please.

    Nokia Lumia 800 in Australia?

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