Sydney’s Monorail Potentially Getting The Chop

Sydney’s Monorail Potentially Getting The Chop

Many Sydney-siders believe that the only good thing about the city’s monorail system is the fact it offers a small column of shade while crossing Pyrmont Bridge. The state government isn’t too fussed on it either, telling developers to not let the monorail constrain their thinking when it comes to redeveloping the Convention Centre side of Darling Harbour.

The SMH reports that Infrastructure NSW is currently in discussions with three different consortiums to redevelop the Sydney Convention Centre area. Apparently part of the brief is that they won’t be disappointed if the monorail is dismantled and taken out of the equation.

Conversely though, Sydney’s light rail is considered crucial, with plans to expand it potentially as early as 2015. There is even the possibility of the light rail running down George Street, while the removal of the monorail station on Pitt street would open it up to take the two-way traffic displaced by a light rail track down the city’s main thoroughfare.

Would any Sydney siders be saddened to lose the monorail? I mean, that Lanley guy who sold it to us was charismatic and all, but then he skipped town with all our money…

[SMH] Image: Wikimedia Commons