Sydney Finally Gets Its Own Lego Convention!

Sydney Finally Gets Its Own Lego Convention!

Sure, Nathan Sawaya’s large-scale Art Of Brick sculptures have been fun to see in Sydney over summer, but the exhibition ends this weekend. Sydney needs its own Lego show, like Melbourne’s Brickvention and Canberra’s BrickExpo. And the Lego movie being made by Animal Logic in Sydney doesn’t count. Great news: the inaugural Sydney Brick Show kicks off at the Powerhouse Museum on June 2 and 3.

What’s really cool is that proceeds from the Saturday night event go to Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital.

We are excited to announce that The Sydney Brick Show will held on 2-3 June at the Powerhouse Museum. We invite you to join us in displaying your creative genius at Sydney’s first LEGO fan event in 2012. The new Sydney Brick Show will bring together the best in LEGO fan conventions with a family fun showcase of AFOL creations.

The amazing two day event will include public viewing, interactive activities and a spectacular evening fan reception with competitions, guest speakers, everyone’s favorite “Dirty Brickster” and MORE! Proceeds from the Saturday night reception will be given to the Westmead Children’s Hospital for the inspirational work they perform everyday!

Find out more at Sydney Brick Show. [via Bricks Down Under]