Swizz Beatz Is Not MegaUpload's CEO, Actually

According to MegaUpload's attorney Ira Rothken, Professor Swizz "I Sleep With Alicia Keys Every Night" Beatz of New York University isn't CEO of the clobbered site. Rather, VentureBeat reports, he was "negotiating" for the position. Let's assume negotiations are over.

This flies in the face of MegaUpload.com, which had Swizz Beatz plastered across its face as CEO. But it does explain why he was happily eating Chinese food yesterday rather than, say, fleeing the country, or being arrested. So he won't be CEO of this particular company, but Beatz' future is still bright. On to the next one, on, on to the next one, my friend. [VentureBeat]

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