Steve Wozniak On iPhone Vs Android

Woz never fails to impress me. If the man has opinions, he doesn't mind sharing them, whatever the consequences. I just didn't expect him to openly admit to preferring many Android features over those of his iPhone.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Woz openly chatted about the pros and cons of Android. "My primary phone is the iPhone," Woz said. "I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do."

What things, Woz, what things? Turns out he's particularly impressed by, of all things, the voice recognition, GPS navigation and, since the launch of the iPhone 4S, battery life.

Ultimately, while he admits that iOS is more immediately user-friendly, he went on to explain that with Android phones "if you're willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there's more available in some ways."

It doesn't come as a huge shock that Woz likes Android. After all, he headed straight to Google HQ to pick up a pre-release Galaxy Nexus.

It also turns out that, just like us, Woz isn't currently a huge fan of Siri. Speaking again to the Daily Beast, he said:

"I used to ask Siri, ‘What are the five biggest lakes in California?' and it would come back with the answer. Now it just misses. It gives me real estate listings. I used to ask, ‘What are the prime numbers greater than 87?' and it would answer. Now instead of getting prime numbers, I get listings for prime rib, or prime real estate.

"With the iPhone 4 I could press a button and call my wife. Now on the 4S I can only do that when Siri can connect over the Internet. But many times it can't connect. I've never had Android come back and say, ‘I can't connect over the Internet.'"

Still, fan boys needn't worry their pretty little heads. Because Woz is proud that the iPhone is simple for you to use! "For that kind of person who is scared of complexity, well, here's a phone that is simple to use and does what you need it to do," he said. Apple: happy to make tech for people that are scared of tech. [The Daily Beast]

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    Finally some sanity. Thank you Wozza. I mean if you can't take a little time to learn how your phone works, you deserve to pay extra for a brittle underpowered iphone, right? Pop it smugly in your pocket and head straight to a Mahler symphony.

      What exactly do makes people think Android is so flexible? I agree that there are some ridiculous things you can't change on an iPhone (like the stupid search screen to the left of the home screen), but it does everything most people need. However, I think Android users need have started to think having unstable programs make them edgy and cool. It's virus-riffic fun!

        AH, the old virus argument again. How pathetic. I reckon your chances of being affected by malware are about the same as being attacked by a shark. Use your brain and it becomes a total non-issue. Something close to 90%7% of malware attacks rely on fooling the user into doing something to breach security and I'd suggest iOS users are far more vulnerable to that kind of attack, because of their smug complacency if for no other reason.

        Tatty, Android is about as secure as Mac OSX, except the market tells me what permissions the apps need. For the record, even with custom firmware, my apps are perfectly stable. I'm sure I can't convince you though, you've already made your mind up.

        Not really sure which apps you're thinking of there...or viruses for that matter. I've never heard of a virus on an android. I mean I've heard rumors but never a photo or story actually showing me they exist.
        I love my Galaxy Nexus and there are plenty of times I do something on my phone that iPhone users see and ask 'How did you do that?'

        That's simply untrue. The iPhone has been the target of virus attacks in the past and while Apple goes to great pains to vet all the apps that pass through the Apple store, not all of them are free of malicious software. If you think your iPhone is a mobile Fort Knox, then you need to wake up. As for unstable programs, there are too many to count that I have come across on my own iPod Touch and my fiancee's iPhone 4.

        I love my iPod Touch.. but I love, equally, my Galaxy S2. The touch has access to apps that are not developed for the Android (yet) because it is a closed system and developers are more readily able to write for an o/s that isn't potentially different based on the o/s version or the hardware it is running on. However the current trend is leading towards more Android app development now, so it won't be long until my Touch gets left on the side of the road. Even now it sits in its little alarm clock dock at home every day.. so not much longer now.

        The ability to change pretty much anything you want makes the Android phone more what I want out of a phone. Not that I am going to change everything but if I wanted to, I can.. and I don't hit brickwalls when I want to change something.. even simple things like accessing my file system.

          Please do tell of these wonderful things you do on your beloved Android device that leave us lesser iOS users gob-smacked and wanting?


    Jamie Condliffe - less opinion more information and facts

      without being rude, or crass, Steve Wozniak has made a very honest appraisal of the situation at present in the mobile landscape.

      this story is about his comments, not about breaking news of roumors. you might want to read the whole article before flaming stupid comments.

        Hrmm.. I took Alex's comment to mean the opposite.. that he was applauding Jamie for sticking to the facts and not too much opinion.

    “I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.”

    My thoughts exactly. I really wish the iPhone allowed me to do all the things I can do with my Android phone.. I really do.

      If only iPhones would be advertised with giant clock widgets on the screen like 9 out of 10 android phones. Because that is exactly what I am desperate for. Damn am I missing out. Curse you apple! And what's with the stupid apple logo? Shouldn't it be a robot that looks like a Canadian from South Park... And not, you know, an android...

      Wow, I'm very petty.

        And now the fanboys are offended.

          I totally agree - I'm all about what the phone's picture looks like in a magazine, and the choice of logo...

          That's what you're saying, yeah?

        Haha... what?!

        LOL. So amusing to see this silliness. Keep trolling, you made me smile. :)

          I for one would like the ability to display small amounts of information on my lock and dock screen.

          I looked pretty closely after jailbreaking at reskinning my phone with endroid, but honestly, while I can appreciate the aesthetic, it's not for me.

        Your criticisms are levelled at the fact that Android is advertised with clock widgets? That's.... one hell of a bizarre, not to mention ridiculous thing to have issue with. Or the design of the logo? How does that affect your experience whatsoever?

          It means the only experience he has of the devices are through ads.
          As a criticism of Android advertising it's a valid comment - most of the clock widget ads are something HTC does and it's silly.
          That flip clock thing is old fashioned and kacky looking, it also takes up way too much screen real-estate so it's pretty pointless.

    Just can't help wondering what would have happened if Jobs was as much a gentleman as Woz and still had the drive? Maybe I might not be so jaded with Apple!

    I think the real issue here is why people who don't even know someone call him Woz, like he is a close buddy of theirs.

      'cause it's a lot easier to type out than Steve Wozniak and everyone still knows who you're referring to.
      Not really an issue is it?

    You're a barista.

    Android has some good features but since I've gone back to iPhone I've used it a lot more. Admittedly I had an underpowered Android phone and moved to Telstra network so that combined factor may have influenced my opinion.

    Also to call the iPhone under powered is factual but iOS makes up for that being optimised for the hardware it competes and even beats some of the higher spec Android phones.

    The things I miss are when was installed and I had logged in any music player would automatically scrobble. It just worked like that. Also I could play any music format.

    The new service that matches your songs to iTunes no matter where they came from is a step in the right direction though.

      I make coffee?

      I make coffee? What an odd thing to say

      "...The things I miss are when was installed and I had logged in any music player would automatically scrobble. It just worked like that..."

      I think this only strengthens the point made even further.

      The Android app does scrobble (I use it with Google Music 4 happily) - though it doesn't for every music player on the market, and has very limited controls you can set. But that's where other apps like Simple Last.FM Scrobbler come in - which offer support for a wider variety of players, and far more scrobbling control and features than Last.FM's official app.

      I'm speculating here, but I'd be willing to bet that the iOS version of Last.FM (while working across more music apps) would have similar limitations to the Android app.

      Point I'm making here, is Android can (note, I didn't say does; because it doesn't always) offer more usability - but you have to put the effort in to get it. iOS on the other hand just works out of the box much better.

    iOS isn't necessarily my favourite operating system but I absolutely hate Android. Sometimes I feel like everyone is ignoring the many flaws it has just because it's not an iPhone, because some people are determined to be different. It pisses me off that my Desire Z doesn't work properly out of the box.

    It often stutters when transitioning between home screens and when scrolling. The touchscreen feels unresponsive in comparison to other devices. It decided one day that my SD card was corrupted even though I hadn't modified it and my computer could still see the files. Even when the memory card did work, it couldn't display photos and every time I try to install 2.3 (when it came out months later than other devices) it gets corrupted.

    The number one thing that pisses me off about the system is the apps. Of the half dozen I've downloaded, none of them work properly. One was too big for the screen, another is constantly crashing, games have very poor frame rates while my slightly more powerful iPod touch handles them with ease. The store itself is also poor with very few quality apps in comparison to iOS.

    I can understand the appeal of an Android to people who are very good with technology, but in my experience, I can't understand why the average user would chose this over iOS or WP7. I also don't know what people are talking about when they say Android is more functional. Nobody has ever asked me "How did you do that?" Just my 2 cents.

      perhaps you are just doing it wrong

      " my experience, I can’t understand why the average user would chose this over iOS... "

      Most Android users I know give the same answer - Price!
      These people don't really care about what their handset can do as long as they can use Facebook, play Words with Friends, and show co-workers pics of their kids/dog wearing a funny hat.

      The rest just want to be different, or want a bigger screen. Not one of the Android owners I know who have premium handsets can offer anything other than "the screen is bigger" or "at least it's not an iPhone - I can customise whatever I want".
      But they dont.
      Not one of them has done anything to change their handset UI from how it was when they got it, let alone rooted or loaded a custom ROM (or even knows what one is).

      *Disclaimer - None of the Android owners I know are geeks by any measure. All the geeks I know have iPhones (because they are early adopters), and are yet to be impressed by other platforms.

      If your ipod was more powerful, in conjunction with the other issues you mentioned, it's a safe bet you're using an older or just a a much cheaper, more entry level device.
      I'm sorry for your bad experience, but you simply cannot extrapolate the functionality of one device to that of the massive and varied product ecosystem that makes up Android. It's just beyond silly.

    To be fair Woz has always preferred things he can take apart, tinker with or hack into. Apple are "closed" and always have been. Both positions have their merits but ultimately Apple create consumer products that everyday people can use and enjoy... Engineers and early adopters... not so much.

    “The people I recommend the iPhone 4S for are the ones who are already in the Mac world, because it’s so compatible, and people who are just scared of computers altogether and don’t want to use them. The iPhone is the least frightening thing. For that kind of person, who is scared of complexity, well, here’s a phone that is simple to use and does what you need it to do.”
    -Steve Wozniak - Apple co-founder
    IPhone for Technotards. Even the mighty Woz thinks so.

    I agree with Woz on almost every point. I've recommended more iPhones than I can count for ordinary people who just ask what phone to buy, even though I'm currently rocking a Galaxy Nexus.

    Yes, iPhone is easier to use for people who are "scared of tech" but people also grossly overestimate the learning curve to Android. Once you're comfortable with using Widgets, the experience is much the same. The instability issues are grossly exagerrated and these days, are few and far between. You won't run into any unless you're running some janky apps. The canard that Android is susceptible to Viruses any more than other platforms is also complete BS.

      Finally someone speaking some sense.

      Why does everyone else get so upset that people don't choose the same tech as them? Just because I don't own the same phone as you doesn't mean I am somehow mocking you. I respect your choice of phone, it works for you. By choosing my phone I am not saying F you, I hate your phone. I am choosing it just for me.

    Seriously, who cares what phone you use? I have an iPhone and it's a pain in my @** as much as it's a fun toy. I know the Androids would be too if I got one. I think it's an incredible feat of modern technology wizardry. Thank You Foo Fighters! I love Angry Birds and texting smiley faces! What am I saying? I'm saying unless you with the help of your god phone are developing a cure for some disease, creating technology that allows a person to drink beer without hurting their liver, solving philosophical riddles, or discovering the Higgs Boson, just settle down and get back to your phone Movie watching, Angry Birds or making your Android wallpaper a purple, exploding whatever...

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