Steampunk Sony VAIO Cover, Only $1250

Steampunk Sony VAIO Cover, Only $1250

At first, I thought it was a Sony 16-inch F-Series notebook with a steampunk chassis for US$1250, which, all things considered, is a good price. Then I realised it’s just the cover. That doesn’t stop it from looking great.

Called the “eCog Mercury”, the cover was commissioned by Sony for no particular reason, other than seeing what one of its laptop’s steampunked up would look like. It took two weeks to draw up the plans, and then another week to put it all together. It’s constructed of birch plywood measuring less than a millimetre, as well as copper wires, pipes and bonded plates.

It only fits specific models, including the VPCF2390X, VPCF215FX/B (3D), VPCF22SFX/W, VPCF23BFX/B, VPCF232FX/B and most “VPCFxxxx designation for 16-inch laptops”. There’s only one available, so if you’re keen, check it out.


[Etsy, via Technobob]

Images: John William Dunn