Sony's Tablet S Price Drop Not Coming To Australia Just Yet

So Sony slashed $US100 off the price of the Tablet S in the States overnight. But what about Australia? Given the $579 RRP for the 16GB version, we kind of hoped Sony Australia would follow suit. Turns out that won't be happening in the immediate future.

Sony sent us a statement about the price drop:

As part of the Australian seasonal sales period, we offered a special six-day-only price for Sony Tablet ($499 for 16GB) from Boxing Day. We may consider some price adjustments in the future as we prepare to introduce the 3G version of the Sony Tablet, however nothing is confirmed at this stage. We still believe that Sony Tablet offers great value for its current pricing, as an all-round entertainment device.

So in other words, a price drop is probably on the way, but not just yet.

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