Sony’s New HDTVs Are Your Excuse To Watch Everything In 3D

Sony’s New HDTVs Are Your Excuse To Watch Everything In 3D

3DTV has earned its bad rap, and for good reason. Fast-moving sequences get blurry, the contrast gets soggy depending on the room’s brightness, and good luck if you try to watch low-resolution videos. But Sony’s new Bravia HX 850 series aims to eliminate all these issues in one fell swoop.

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Sony’s Bravia HX 850-series televisions’ 1080p, full-HD display — in both 2D and 3D — runs edge-to-edge along the breadth of the monitor thanks to a frameless design incorporating Corning Gorilla Glass for durability and weight savings.

The HX 850 utilises Motionflow technology, which reduces blurring caused during high-speed action and sports sequences. This means that you’ll be able to see the laces rotate around the ball during Tebow’s 80-yard overtime touchdown pass, rather than a white-and-brown blob landing in Demaryius Thomas’ hands. The HX 850 also generates an infinite contrast ratio — the difference between the brightest and darkest areas of the image — and automatically boosts brightness and colour when necessary, which translates into crisp, clear images regardless of where you are in relation to the TV or the amount of ambient light available.

The 1080P video quality carries over to 3D viewing thanks to the HX 850’s active glasses, rather than the half-resolution garnered by passive methods. And, being a Bravia, it can sync with other Bravia products — TV’s, camcorders, Blu-ray players — using a single remote. Or if you prefer, Sony offers a remote app for both iOS and Android. The HX 850 will be available in the 55-inch and 46-inch varieties.


In addition to the HX 850, Bravia is also rolling out the HX 750 in 55-inch and 46-inch screen sizes, the HX EX640’s with 55-inch, 46-inch and 40-inch screens; and the BX450 and BX330-series in 46-inch, 40-inch and 32-inch varieties.