Sony Google TV 2.0 Box Video Hands On: NSZ-GS7 Could Hit Australia Mid 2012

Sony Google TV 2.0 Box Video Hands On: NSZ-GS7 Could Hit Australia Mid 2012

It’s no secret that early Google TV devices had potential but pretty much bombed. But the renewed enthusiasm we saw from numerous vendors at CES – including LG, Sony and Samsung plus chipmakers Qualcomm and Marvell — suggests that Google TV 2.0 devices (complete with Android Market access to made-for-TV apps) might finally be worth looking out for.

Sony’s new Google TV streamer includes a touch pad-equipped, motion sensitive remote and is specifically designed to navigate Android-based Google TV apps. There’s also a picture-in-picture mode so you can browse the Web while watching TV. Sony also showed their upcoming NSZ-GP9 Google TV Blu-ray player bundled with the same motion remote.

Though these Sony Google TV 2.0 products aren’t yet officially confirmed for Australia, Giz AU has been advised that there is a very good chance we’ll see them locally around the middle of this year. We’ll update you when we know more.

We didn’t hear about any actual TVs with built-in Google TV/Android from Sony. Meanwhile though, LG’s Google TV from CES is tipped for May, and as rumoured, Samsung confirmed at the show that they’re planning to have something ready for 2012 (though at CES only showed new TVs using their Smart TV platform).

Video by Ben Dunlop, the winner of Gizmodo’s CES Competition who travelled to Las Vegas courtesy of Sony.

Please excuse his initial Apple TV comparisons — I think he was getting his head around what the Google TV 2.0 platform can do, and rightly, ultimately came to the conclusion that it has the potential to be much, much more.

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