Sony Launching Music Unlimited For iOS

You've plopped out your monthly subscription fee for Sony's Music Unlimited service. You enjoy hearing your favourite tunes through your PS3, Sony Bravia TV, Android phone and PC. But your iOS devices are lacking the love, and you hate it when any of your gadgets miss out. Well, Sony has heard your prayers, and confirmed an iOS app for its Music Unlimited service.

Launching this quarter, the app will feature the same functionality as the Android app, and will launch as a universal app initially before an iPad specific version lands at a later date.

If you're a subscriber to the premium service, Sony has also confirmed you'll be able to cache up to 6GB of music on your iDevice, which is enough to keep you entertained for a while.

[The Verge]

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    I wish Microsoft would do the same thing with their Zune service for Android phones... but with Windows Phones gaining in popularity, I doubt this will happen now.

    I guess the next best is this..

    why bother, the steaming sucks, all the good songs dont work (70's 80's and 90's music)

      its a kinda magic by queen dont work, useless junk

    Sony have an iOS app through their Songl service these days, so you can listen on mobile devices (including an offline mode). Big hassle with Sony is that they have a few online services, and everyone of them is missing a little piece. No one service does everything. I use Songl, formerley, because I mainly listen through Sonos at home... it won't work on PS3 or anything.

    In summary Sony unlimited sucks, I had it for a month using my PS3 and I'm ready to cancel it, let me list my pros and cons.

    1 Tons of music but mostly unknown crap that strangely keeps getting randomly queued over well known artists over and over. Cover bands that play hits? really ? then later you can't find the real songs.

    2 It shows you a song but it skips over and it won't let you play it, why show it to you then?

    3 The "Like" feature that allegedly adds a song to your favorites list works on 1 out of 10 songs, no warning or anything it just doesn't do it, same with adding to your album or playlist.

    4 The "Unlike" doesn't work, I unlike a song and it plays 3 songs later and again and again.

    5 Takes forever to start, and once in a while it goes silent, when I go to see what's going on is stuck on some song and it shows is playing but just sits there and have to manually advance to the next song.

    6 If you do find an album you like you'll find out that some songs play and others will not, even if you select them, and so it happens they are the best songs of that album. Seems they are pushing on you all the music that they couldn't sell otherwise.

    7 If you turn off the PS3 while music unlimited is on, it crashes your PS3 and next time you start it you have to wait for the stupid scan like when you cut the power. Sent tons of "error reports" keeps happening.

    8 Barely any settings at all, God I hate that elevator music when it starts and the pinkish background.

    9 Plays the top 100 or something popular songs automatically in a few minutes if you don't pick anything when it starts, maybe 2 minutes after, and of course is that Beaver @#$$ every time so I have to run to stop it because I feel blood dripping from my ears.

    10 If you manage to create a playlist or add to your favorites, there is no random feature, so you end up memorizing what songs comes next.

    11 I had it for a month and my favorites list is probably less that 40 songs, even though I hit the like button on probably 1000 songs or more. Really annoying to find out later that they weren't added to your favorites.

    12 Edited songs all over, hard to see in the title where it says unedited or clean version, until you play it and realize is not the version for grown ups, a setting for edited or unedited content would be nice.


    1 Sounds quality is amazing, I ripped cds at the highest quality before and still not as good quality. I thought I had a crappy sound system until I played a song in music unlimited, the bass is crazy, that I will miss when I cancel it.

    2 I never heard a song skip, Pandora does it all the time in PS3 and on the PC sometimes.

    3 Premium has a lot of channels already added like 80's, 90's, night, rock, rap, pop, etc, makes it easy to avoid what you don't like.

    4 No advertisements.

    5 Used it on my pc, iphone and ps3, so I could play my favorites anywhere where there is an internet connection, it does notice if you are using it on more than one device but you can go to your friends ps3 sign in to ps3 network and sign in to music unlimited no problem or on any computer.

    6 They have remastered albums of oldies, and they do sound much better.

    7 Easy to sign up and easy to cancel, just uncheck the auto renewal check box in account settings.

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