Sony 3D Headset HMZ-T1 Hands-On Video... Australian Pre-Orders Begin 'Soon'

You've seen the US review of the HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer, and now Gizmodo Australia gets a go here at CES. More than that, we just found out that the headset will be available for pre-order "soon".

No official word yet on pricing, but we're hearing it won't be too far from the HMZ-T1's US price of $899.

After trying the headset by playing Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, I came away impressed. It provided the most immersive racing experience I've experienced, and though it doesn't head track, I found myself leaning and turning my head into corners naturally.

Light and noise from the outside world is cancelled out very well, but it could become a lonely gaming experience after a few hours of playing. Also of note: the dual OLED screens output 720p, so you won’t be viewing content in full HD.

It's definately a cool toy, but be sure to read the full review before you put down your cash (which is $100 more than the US price).

Ben Dunlop is the winner of Gizmodo's CES Competition and travelled to Las Vegas courtesy of Sony

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