SolarKindle Cover Keeps Your Kindle Charged For Up To 3 Months

It's time for the iPad 2 to get off its high horse, because there's a new leader in the burgeoning market of covers that don't just cover: the completely self-explanatory SolarKindle which harnesses the sun to keep Amazon's ereader powered for up to three months.

As long as you don't only read in the dark, the flexible solar panel built into the cover of this swanky leather Kindle case can keep it freed from power outlets and charging cables. An integrated reserve battery stores those solar rays so you can extend your reading time even further, or it will power a built-in pop-up LED reading lamp for up to 50 hours.

Ebook readers and the sun are already the best of friends, thanks to their e-ink displays which remain visible and legible in even the brightest conditions. And for $US80 come January 15, that friendship looks like it's going to blossom into a full-blown love affair. [Solar Focus]

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