Shooting Challenge: 5 Shots That Say Goodbye

Shooting Challenge: 5 Shots That Say Goodbye
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It’s a curious thing that this week’s shooting challenge theme happened to be ‘Farewells’. Nick wrapped up his time with us over the holidays, and one of my best friends beat all the odds to move to London this week (hi Justin!). Be prepared for some sombre emotions — these five reader interpretations of ‘farewells’ might get you welling up on the inside.

Darren Pelchen

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This is my take on farewell. It’s a bit grim, I know, but I was out with a mate taking some shots with his American civil war era rifle, and I thought if you if you were looking at that view it might well be farewell.

Taken on a Sony A55, f5.6 ISO 800 55mm lens

Alex Fagan

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I wanted to evoke a nostalgic feeling for this week’s challenge, so I used a Holga HL-N (60mm-ish) lens which a friend gave me for Christmas on my D90. The soft, vignetted pictures it produces along with a 10k white balance gave me a really nice, warm, old-photo look. I set my ISO at 400 for a touch of noise, and the lens is stuck at f8, so I needed a 10sec to capture it all.

Luke Taylor

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Olympus e520, f5.6, 1/200sec, iso-100, 14mm, used chrome pixlr-o-matic addon to give it the effects.

My idea was to have a sad goodbye to our house. We have stayed there since we got married (my beautiful wife is the model here :)) and we are packing up and going over seas for a working holiday. So this is a farewell for us. It was a good little unit, but we are going on an adventure and it is time to say goodbye.

Ben Vawdrey

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Canon Eos 550d w/ 50mm f/1.8 II @ f/2, ISO 1600, 1/160th

Farewell to an evening.

The last candle gets blown out on a fun night out the back of my mate’s place. We had about five or six attempts at getting the shot right due to us having had a few too many drinks. When we blew it out the first time, I just loved the way the garage light washed over the table and the wafting smoke sold me on it.

Sangeetha Selvananthan

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This is my younger son, Syam. He gave me this pouting expression the moment we stepped out of school on his first day at Kindy. I question him. Apparently, he was sad to say goodbye to all his new friends!!

I immediately snapped this shot with my iPhone. Nothing special and extravagant, just a child’s innocent expression.