Shoot 8mm Style Home Videos Without Film Or A Smartphone App

Envious of all your smartphone toting friends and their Instagram galleries full of tired retro photos? Fuuvi's Bee was inspired by 8mm cameras and lets you shoot aged videos and stills without having to sign a mobile contract.

Without all the motors and mechanisms needed to drive a roll of film, the Bee is actually a lot smaller than a retro film camera. And at 100 minutes on a full charge, it can record for a lot longer than one of them too.

Its resolution of just 640x480 when recording video is a touch disappointing, particularly when $80 can get you a Flip on clearance. And still photos aren't much better, captured at just 1280 x 960. It is easy to use, admittedly adorable, and thanks to a USB 1.1 connection you'll have plenty of time to plan out your next shoot while you wait for a painfully slow file copy to finish. [Audiocubes via Ubergizmo]

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