Sharp’s Portable HDTVs Don’t Make Any Sense

Sharp’s Portable HDTVs Don’t Make Any Sense

Have you ever looked at your TV and thought, Man, I wish I could carry this with me out into the woods. No? Sharp thinks you’re missing out!

The company’s “Freestyle’ line of “portable” TVs sport handles, and go up to 60 inches. No power cord! No cables! But what are you going to watch on it? Are you going to bring a DVD player and a diesel generator with you out onto the beach? Are you going to use that handle to walk down the street with your TV, putting on a show for passersby? An act of LCD goodwill?

That guy up there had to wear a shoulder bag-sized battery pack in order to lug that thing around.

This is the only new thing Sharp has shown so far at CES.

Sharp says the Freestyle TVs will use Wi-Fi to stream stuff. How exactly this works, they wouldn’t say. Oh, and about that battery pack? Every single model except the 20-incher needs one.