Share The iPad Love On Road Trips With Philips' In-Car Screen Kit

One iPad, one car, three passengers, big problem. Don't worry, though, because Philips has just launched an extension kit which let's you share your media around the car easily.

Philips provides two LCD displays which can be mounted to the back of the front headrests and plugged into any iOS device. The screens are powered by an integrated cup holder dock that charges while the car is in motion.

Hey, presto: media for all! Well, apart from the driver. Hopefully.

It comes in two versions: the PV7002i offers two 7-inch wide-screen LCD displays, while the PV9002i offers two 9-inch screens. Both will available in April 2012. The PV7002i (7-inch) is priced at $US169.99 and the PV9002i (9-inch) at $US199.99. [Ubergizmo]

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