Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones: When $US1000 Cans Sound Worth It

The Sennheiser HD 700s are open-backed audiophile headphones, which -- you guessed it -- aren't cheap. But if the company's legendary, top-of-the-line HD 800s were always in your sights but out of reach, the HD 700s might be exactly what you're looking for.

Sennheiser HD 700 headphones have a 40mm driver and an open-backed design which produce cleaner, distortion-free sound than their closed-back peers. In short, these headphones are a scaled back version of the HD 800s in everything including price. The HD 700 costs $US1000, which might seem steep, but it's $US500 cheaper than the HD 800s.

Sennheiser has also cooked up a new set of cans for the common man. The Amperior headphones are a tweaked version of the company's popular HD 25 DJ headphones -- you get the same aluminium finish but with an added in-line microphone for making calls with iOS devices. They've also got very low impedance drivers so that they'll play equally nice whether they're plugged into your iPhone or a DJ mixer.

There's no word on price on the Amperiors yet, but both they and the HD700s will be available this March.

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    So what's the frequency response?

      The frequency response is irrelevant. Most manufacturers list a range without giving a chart of actual response (for example, other than a few brands such as Etymotic research, the majority of earphones have huge dips/boosted parts in the response curve).

      I wonder how these measure up to the STAX I have, though. Almost a comparable price (except STAX gives you a dedicated amplifier too).

      Have to add, though, that if you like boosted bass/midrange, or excess treble and bass without midrange, etc, etc, you'd have to be pretty daft to buy high-end sound equipment. Also, Beats by Dr. Dre are overpriced and aren't nearly as good as they are marketed; I can't understand why so many people buy them.

    My ears aren't worth $1000 'phones, but damn they look sexy.

    The question is, in their target niche who wants these?
    Who has 1k to spend, but won't go the extra to 'end game' with sennheiser, for slightly more (and less than HD800) you can pick up Beyerdynamics T1, which is their end game headphone.

    I'm just wondering who they're aiming at here.

    As for beats, I haven't heard them, but I'm suspicious, they could have a good OEM behind them...but I saw a Beats pro I think in JB. $699. I figure you can do better if you're spending that sort of money. Besides, a few hundred dollars gets you 90% of high end. Maybe even more.

    Diminished returns can kick in pretty quickly.

    It's funny, I think Sennheiser were thinking of me when they building these. I have always absolutely loved the HD800's but never thought that they'd be worth that much, so I bought AKG's K702's mainly for their price-point in the US with an upgrade cable. They say US$1000 so how much for AUS? this could be a very close game in the end if you read some of the reviews on

    As for design I prefer the old-ish look from the HD800's, these look just a little alien to me, and off course this is an entirely personal thing.

    I'm only going to comment an the Beats by Dr. Dre (Monster) because of all the comments made here:- for their price-point you can buy a whole lot more for that, hell I sure did (as mentioned above). What you do end up paying for is the image and the conformity of that image, and the idea that you are buying good audio because well, you just paid how much for these cans?

    What I'm more interested in is how do these really compare with the so many other cans (brands) of headphones that are in this price-point? like the Audeze LCD-2?

    Oh and I just found the specs which I will copy and paste courtesy of HeadRoom (

    Impedance @ 1kHz: 150 Ohms
    Detachable Cable: Yes
    Cord Length: 9ft
    Cord Type: Straight Y
    Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
    Driver Type: Dynamic
    Acoustic Seal: Open
    Weight: 9.6 oz w/ cable
    Connector Type: 1/4
    Headphone Type: Full Size
    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
    Sensitivity: 105 dB

    Final comments: this I think has been the long awaited answer for me, although yet to listen to them I think I may start saving for a pair of these when they are officially released in late march.

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