Sennheiser Amperior Headphones Are DJ Cans For The Street

Even if you're a no talent hack who hacks at the turntable like a two-year old, if you're going to act like a DJ, then you need to have a pair of headphones to match. The Sennheiser Amperiors - just announced at CES - offer DJ styling to a pair of street headphones.

The Amperiors come complete with a 1.2 metre 3.5mm cable, plus an additional in-line remote for controlling volume and tracks, as well as taking phone calls on your smartphone.

Based on Sennheisers HD 25 DJ headphones, the Amperiors will come in an aluminium finish in silver or blue when they launch in the middle of the year for an as-yet undisclosed price. Spec-wise, they seem to tick all the boxes, with a 16-22,000Hz frequency response, 18 Ohms impedance and closed design for a more authentic sound.

It all sounds and looks pretty awesome, but I think I'll hold off judgement until we get an insight into pricing.

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