Samsung Smart TV: Unique, Smart, Simple

Samsung Smart TV: Unique, Smart, Simple

Samsung’s Smart Hub* is the heart of the Samsung Smart TV experience; it’s an intuitive way to view your TV, Internet and Smart TV apps all in one interface — kind of like using a smartphone.

As you’d expect, Smart Hub* includes a Web Browser# and App Store– but Samsung has innovated beyond the basics with a range of uniquely clever features:

Streaming Media Made Easy**

AllShareTM lets you wirelessly stream content from compatible portable devices (like supported phones, tablets and cameras) to your Samsung Smart TV†. You can even send and receive text messages via your big screen.

Install Samsung’s Android remote-control app, and content can also go the other direction: The TV beams a stream to devices like the Galaxy S II and lets you flip through channels and input sources without interrupting those watching the TV itself.

Once you’ve connected your TV up to your home network, Search All seeks out video, music and photo files, as well as checking the Internet and digital TV guides for relevant content. The sort of convenience that helps to put an end to misplacing those videos or photos right when you need them.  


Web + TV = Social**

Searching the Web at work isn’t always encouraged, but at home it becomes a joy when you realise how good the Internet can look on a screen that’s forty-two inches or larger; the Web truly comes to life, and Samsung’s Web browser is easy to control with the unique QWERTY Flip remote. This extends to Samsung’s Social TV, which lets you update your Facebook or Twitter accounts while still keeping an eye on the game or movie.

With Social TV you can share your viewing experiences with friends and family through blogging and chatting services, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk, all while watching live TV! More »